From the Bedfordshire Mercury


9 August 1858

As a boy named Enoch Carter in the employ of Mr Jefferies was leading a horse and cart loaded with peas he was knocked down, the wheel passing over him. On being taken to the infirmary it was found that he had sustained a fracture of the thigh bone. The bone was reduced and every care given to the lad."


20 December 1858

"On Tuesday last, as a number of men were digging clay at Mr E. Master's brickyard on Ravensden Hill a quantity of the earth gave way and fell upon a young man named  Levi Carter.

                   He was immediately conveyed to the Bedford Infirmary, when it was discovered that, although no bones were broken he was much bruised about the head and body."


30 April 1860

"On 24th inst. a labourer in the employ of Mr Masters at his brick yard accidentally caught the fingers of his right hand in the works of a tile machine and caused such injury as required his immediate removal to the infirmary when it was found necessary to amputate two of his fingers. The sufferer is going on as well as can be expected."


31 December 1861

On Sunday last, John Wiles, a young man of 25 years of age, died suddenly. The deceased lived with his mother, and had attended to his work at the farm of Mr Phasey on the Friday preceeding his death, but on Saturday morning he was observed by his mother outside his brother's house retching violently and ejecting a quantity of matter from his stomach. He was taken home and put to bed, and the deceased's mother came over to Dr Barker for some medicine with which she returned; but on Sunday the poor young man died.
Mr James H H Howard, assistant to Dr Barker, the medical officer of the club of which the deceased was a member, had frequently attended him before for the same complaint. An inquest was held on the body on Monday before Mr E Eagles jun., when the jury returned a verdict that the deceased died of peritonitis, in accordance with the opinion of Mr Howard."


22 July 1861

On Thursday 1st July the annual festival in connexion with the Band of Hope and Temperance Society was held in this village. At two o'clock the Bedford Temperance Brass Band met the children and a pleasant afternoon was spent in Mr Peacock's field. A public tea was provided at four o'clock and in the evening a public meeting was held under the presidency of the High Sheriff of the County (Joseph Tucker of Pavenham Bury). Upwards of 700 persons were present. Excellent addresses were delivered by Mr John Usher of Bedford, Mr Geary of Haynes, Mr David Tearle of Houghton Regis, Col. Young of Bedford, Mr Rutherford of Northampton and Mr Robert Pickering of Dunstable. The Band contributed very much to the day's enjoyment and the proceedings were brought to a conclusion by the performance of the National Anthem."


11 November 1861

On Monday last Frederick Wiles, a lad in the employ of Mr Peacock, was sent on a horse to Bedford on an errand. On returning when near Putnoe Wood, he was in the act of passing through a gate when the horse ran against it and threw the lad off, fracturing his thigh.
Assistance having been obtained he was removed to the infirmary. The lad is about 11 years of age."


7 April 1862

On Tuesday last about noon, a man named Charles Billings, aged 28 in the employ of F. Wythes esq. was coming to Bedford on a young mare, but before he got out of the yard the animal reared and her hind feet slipping she fell on her back. The man, seeing his danger attempted to get his feet out of the stirrups, but before he could do this the mare had fallen and Billings' legs were underneath her body; he was released as quickly as possible and taken into the stables. Mr Thurnall, surgeon, happened to be on the spot a few minutes after the occurrence and on making an examination he found that one of Billings' thighs was fractured, which he attended to and advised his removal to the infirmary, which was immediately done."


15 September 1862

On Tuesday and Wednesday an effort was made by the friends of the place of worship to assist in the liquidation of the debt on the chapel by means of a bazaar, when a spacious tent was erected on Mr Castleman's field which had been kindly lent for the occasion. It is expected that during the year the whole of the debt will be removed. The history of this chapel is very remarkable. The church was formerly connected with that of the late Rev. T R Matthews of Bedford and the building has been erected by those who are "poor" in the world but "rich" in faith. There is still a small debt remaining and contributions will be gratefully received by Mrs Symons, Ravensden; Miss Bradley, Adelaide-square, Bedford and Mr R Pickering, Dunstable."


22 September 1862

On Friday the 12th inst as Jabez Cowley, a boy aged 12 in the employ of Mr Thomas Jefferies, was going through a gate with a horse and cart, a boy called to him and as he endeavoured to stop the horse to speak to the boy, the shaft of the cart caught his head against the gate and completely raised his scalp. He was immediately removed to Bedford Infirmary where his serious injuries received every attention."


19 January 1863

On Tuesday morning Mr Marchant discovered that two of his turkeys had been stolen during the night; information was given to the police and it is hoped the delinquents will be brought to justice."

On Tuesday morning a lad named Alfred Horrell, about 11 years of age, in the employ of Mr Horrell, met with an accident from a chair cutting machine with which he was at work. It appears it was Horrell's business to feed the machine and whilst he was doing this he caught his left hand between the cogs, smashing the forefinger. He was at once conveyed to the Bedford Infirmary."


16 November 1863

On Friday the 13th instant, as John Bull aged 16, in the employ of Mr Hartrop, was engaged with a threshing machine, he pitched forward and his fingers caught between the cogs of the wheels, completely smashing the hand of the second finger and lacerating and fracturing the first. He walked over to the Bedford Infirmary, where it was thought necessary to amputate beyond the first joint of the 2nd finger."


23 January 1865

At Zion Chapel on Wednesday evening, Mr Washington Duff, a man of colour, formerly a slave in Kentucky, gave a lecture on the horrors of slavery in America, relating anecdotes of his own personal experience; it was illustrated with superior ???? views prepared expressly for the lecturer. The place was inconveniently crowded by the audience, which was presided over by Mr Rowland Hill. A liberal collection was made at the close."


28 January 1868

On Monday a boy named William Sear, 7 years old, was very badly bitten in the face and arm by a dog which he had been accustomed to play with. The lad was conveyed to the infirmary and is now in a fair way of recovery. We believe the mischievous animal was immediately destroyed."


22 December 1868

On the night of Tuesday last eight white ducks and a drake were stolen from the premises of Mr John White of this parish. The door of the duck-house, which was locked, had been forced open. Information was given to the police next day and they have been using every exertion to discover the thief, but at present without success."


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