Men Impressed for Service in Ireland 12.10.1601

Thomas Wates of Ravensden


County Militia Musters c. 1683

Ravensden   3 muskets, 1 corslet

Edward Haines

Thomas Meadborow

Wm Russell (out)

Giles Smith


Muster List 1699

A militia foot company under Colonel Hervey mustered at Bedford, 12th and 13th September 1699

Ravensden - 2 muskets


William Clayton

William Hopkins


Militia Ballot Lists 1757

Men were chosen by lot to serve in the militia for 3 years.  They had the option of finding a substitute or paying a fine of 10.   If they paid the fine they were appointed to serve in the militia again when the ballot was next held.

Parish for which elected Militiamen chosen by lot Substitute Names signed to
Ravensden Charles Larrat Paid 10
Ravensden Geo. Huckle Ensam Fleming Ensam Fleming

Militia Rolls 23.3.1763

No of Men Parish and Hamlet Men Chosen by Lot Men enrolled to serve
2 Ravensden John Newell (time not expired)
Ravensden John Walton Daniel Swales

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