NORTHFIELDS COTTAGES. (FHL Film 1341389  PRO RG11  Piece 1625 Folio 35 Page 17)

(Source: 1881 Census CD.  As with any indexes, every effort should be made to obtain sight of the original census to verify data).

There were 6 cottages on the right-hand side of Church End, going towards Wilden, in 1881.  These were the last houses within the village boundary.  They were occupied as follows.

1.  George Cox and his wife Eliza.  He was a brickmaker aged 34, and she was 30.  George was born in Renhold.  Eliza and all the children were born in Ravensden.

George and Eliza had 5 children in 1881 - Mary J (9 yrs old), James (6 yrs old), John (4 yrs old), Millicent (2 yrs old) and Frederick A. (5m).


2.  George Lightfoot and his wife Alice S.  He was also a brickmaker, aged 27; his wife was 28.  George, Alice and all the children were born in Bedford.

George and Alice had 3 children in 1881 - George aged 3, Annie P. aged 1 and Thomas W. aged 5m.


3.  William Marshall and his wife Elizabeth.  They were both aged 35.  William was a shoemaker, born in Ravensden, and Elizabeth was born in Wilden.

They had 4 children in 1881 - George aged 9, Thomas H. aged 5 and Beatrice D aged 1 - all born in Ravensden.


4.  William and Mary Woods.  He was a farm labourer aged 38 and his wife was 40.  Mary was born in Great Barford - William and all the children were born in Ravensden.

They had 3 children at home  - William aged 5, Annie E aged 4 and Albert aged 1.  William's brother, John aged 40, also lived with them.  He was a farm labourer.


5.  John Whittemore aged 70 (a farm labourer) and his wife Sarah (60 yrs old) who was a lace maker.  They had a son, John T. aged 18 living at home.  He was a farm labourer.  They had a lodger, William Woods, aged 57 who was a farm labourer.  Sarah was born at Keysoe - the others at Ravensden.


6.  Jabez Mayes aged 21 lived in the 6th cottage.  He was a farm labourer.  He lived with his wife Emily (aged 21) who was born in Renhold.



At Northfields itself lived John Westley who was a Farmer of 110 acres employing 3 men and 2 boys, an accountant and a registrar.  He was 49 at the time of the census and had been born in Ravensden as had his wife and all the children.   His wife Emma  was 45 years old.  They had 2 sons and 2 daughters living at home.  Annie S. was 19 and Elizabeth E. was 18. Samuel J was 22.  William A. was 12 years old and a scholar.







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