Ravensden Charity

Retyped from cuttings of unknown date and provenance,
found in a scrapbook belonging to the late Mr J.W.McKie of Glebe Farm

" The Town and Poor's estate consists of two cottages and 4 a. 3 r. 10 p. of grass land, part of which was awarded on the inclosure under Act of 49 Geo. III in lieu of other land conveyed to trustees in 1631 for the relief of the poor and in ease of the common charges of the town, and the remainder of the land and a cottage was a purchase made by the parish in 1633 worth 40, accepted in lieu of a rent-charge of 40s. a year devised by Agnes Martin in 1565 to be distributed among the poor upon the feasts of St. Anne and St. Thomas. The rental amounts to 32 a year.

The charity is regulated by a scheme of the Charity Commissioners of 3 December 1897, whereby one-third of the net income is made applicable for educational purposes and two-thirds for the general benefit of the poor in such manner as might be deemed most conducive to the formation of provident habits.

In 1907 the outgoings, including 8 10s., being an instalment of a loan from the Bedford Crown Building Society borrowed in 1902 for the completion of a cottage on the site of some cottages destroyed by fire, amounted to 14 5s.; the sum of 5 was paid to the school, 40s. distributed in bread, 1 to the clothing club, 4 19s. 6d. in coal and the balance in temporary relief."

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