Transcripts of 3 letters from the Vicar of Ravensden, the Reverend Doctor Thomas Syer, to the Chairman of the School Managers, 1886.

(The originals are at SD Ravensden 7/8 but they are scarcely legible on account of the poor handwriting of the Vicar).
  1. St George’s Club, Hanover Square. 19.7.1886.
  2. My Dear Sir,

    I should have thought that a Teacher with assistant would have sufficed for all practical purposes.

    Yours always



  3. Bedford Hotel, Covent Garden, London. 21 July 1886
  4. Dear Sir,

    I have been suffering from my old enemy Eurepelay (?)

    You appear to have a large staff of Masters for a small village.

    Mr Popham has the sanction of an Episcopal Authority to look after the parish. He might not like my being there. I like to do what is right.

    You may make any use of this letter. I should think the school expenditure might be reduced, as I have already said.

    I thank you for a very kind and sensible letter.

    Yours faithfully,



  5. The Temple Thursday 23 July 1886.

Dear Sir,

The Rev. W. Popham MA Exeter College Oxford has under Episcopal authority the charge of the Parish with its internal arrangements ergo I have some delicacy in interfering.

I am at all times desirous of complying with any legal demand upon my purse, when connected with the Parish. I am a great loser by holding the living of Ravensden and have sought in vain to find a Gentleman with so much means to take it off my hands – It is very good of you to take an interest in a Parish where you are a territorial magnate and from which you derive a considerable revenue.

Yours (?)


This letter is free for anyone. I sleep at the Club my best address.


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