Ravensden People and Church Mentioned in Wills


John By of Colmworth 27.2.1524/5    pr. 8 April 1525

"to Revennysden church 6s 8d"


John Whitchurch.  March 1520/21, pr. 16.3.1520/21

"My bonys to be buryyd in the church yard of Alhalows of Ravennysden".

He leaves to Ravennysden church 6s 8d; to the high altar 20d.  A priest is to sing in the church of Ravennysden for the souls of the testator and all Christians a year, and a trental to the friars of Bedford.  To Barford bridge 3s and 4d.

He leaves to son William a cart, 2 old horses, a young horse, 2 kine, 6 sheep, 3 quarters of barley; to his son John the elder 40s.; to daughter Alys 40s.; to his son John the younger 40s. and a cow; to daughter Isabell 40s.; to Margaret 40s. "and that she goyth with all" 40s.  If any of them die their bequest is to be given to the surviviors and if they all die, then it is to be done for souls of testator and all Christians.

When the testator's wife Agnes remarries the money is to go to Sir Adam Nik and to the testator's son John the elder, to be disposed of to the profit of the children.

To William Danger a ewe and a lamb; to John Crane a ewe and a lamb.

The testator leaves to his wife Agnes for her life his house, messuage and land in Ravennysden, and after her to son John the younger, and after him to son John the elder and his heirs.

Executors were wife Agnes and son John the elder.  Sir Adam Nik was the supervisor. 

Witnessed by Richard Fricher, John Chaplen, John Baker.


Walter Parell (Parcell) of Bolnehurst 19.3.1519/20, pr. 30.4.1520

Leaves to the church of Ravennysden 6s 8d.

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