This was uninhabited on the day of the census.



16 families lived between the Vicarage and the School house.

1.  George Woods, a farm labourer aged 33,   His wife Kate was 31.  They had 6 children - Eliza (12), Alfred J. (a scholar, aged 10), Louisa (a scholar aged 8), Harry (a scholar, aged 5), James, a son aged 4 and Ellen aged 1.  All were born in Ravensden.

2.  Matthew Wiles was a farm labourer aged 36.  His wife Ruth was a lacemaker aged 30.  They had 3 children, Walter (a scholar aged 10), Gertrude (a scholar aged 6) and Jabez M., a son aged 2.  All were born in Ravensden.

3.  Thomas Ives who was 47 and a brick maker, born in Ravensden.  His wife Harriet was 44 and came from Renhold.   Thomas Ives and Harriet Richardson married on 22nd February 1857 at Renhold.  In 1881 They had 9 children living at home.  Frank (20), Arthur (18), Amos (15),  Lewis (11) were farm labourers.  Jane (16) was an unemployed general servant.  Walter (10), Julia (8) and Albert (6) were scholars.  Ebenezer, (4) was still at home.  All the children were born in Ravensden.

4.  Rebecca Shepherd was a widow aged 49.  She was a charwoman, born in Ravensden.  She had a married daughter - Jane Spring, a lace-maker aged 27 - and Emma, 22, an unemployed general servant at home with her on the night of the census.  Also her son, George, who was 16 and a farm labourer.  All were born in Ravensden.

5.  Elizabeth Woods was a widow aged 79.  She was a lace-maker.  Her daughter Mary lived with her - a lace-maker aged 49.  Also her grandson John aged 21, who was a farm labourer.  All were born in Ravensden.

6.  Thomas Wiles aged 40 was a Tile maker.  His wife Salley was 36.  They had 7 children at home.  George (15) and Charles (13) were farm labourers.  Mary Ann (8) and Amos (5) were at school.  Sarah J (2) and Lillia (8m) were at home.  All were born in Ravensden.

7.  John Woods was an agricultural engine driver aged 57.  He was born in Ravensden.  His wife Ann, was 59 and born in Renhold.  Their daughter Emma was 19 and born in Ravensden. 

8.  William Horrell was a farm labourer aged 59.  His wife Mary A. was 46, and had come from Lichfield in Staffordshire.  Their children were Jane, a lace-maker aged 29 and William, a farm labourer aged 21.  Their grandson Noah Laban aged 2 was also with them.  All were born in Ravensden except the wife.

9.  William Rust was a brickmaker aged 46.  He was a widower.  His elderly father William aged 81 (formerly a farm labourer) lived with him; also his children Elizabeth aged 19 and William aged 15 (a farm labourer).  William Rust the elder was born in Wilden, the others in Ravensden.

10.  Francis Wildman was a carpenter aged 59. (Born in Ravensden).  His wife Matilda was born in Thurleigh.  Mary P. their daughter was a dressmaker aged 36.  Another daughter Susan was 24.  She was an assistant dressmaker.  The youngest daughter Ellen M. (15) was a school monitress.  The girls were born in Ravensden.

11.  John Fensom was a hay binder aged 41.  His wife Susannah was 42, born in Bedford.  Their son Alfred (13) was a hay binder.  Two children - Alice (10) and Arthur (4) were at school.  Jabez E. aged 1 was at home.  All except Susannah were born in Ravensden.

12.  William Brown was a shoemaker.  Aged 44, he was born in Wootton.  His wife Edith was 39.  they had a son Samuel J who was at school (6 years old) and children Josiah (3) and William T. (1).  Edith's mother Mary Marshall lived with them.  She was a widow aged 72, and a lace-maker.  All except William were born in Ravensden.

13.  John Wildman was a carpenter and joiner aged 68.  His wife Hannah was 66.  Their daughter Mary A. aged 46 was a nurse (SMS) who was unmarried.  Their son, Thomas (also a carpenter and joiner) was 25 and lived there with his wife Amelia aged 21 and their daughter Bertha E. aged 1.  Amelia came from Chichester, Sussex.  The rest of the family were all born in Ravensden. 

14Levi Carter was a farm labourer aged 45, from Ravensden.  His wife Mary, 47, came from Little Barford.  Their children were Samuel L. (18), William (16) and James F. (15) - all farm labourers.  Emily was 11 and at school.  All were born in Ravensden.

15.  William Geo. Gammans was a farm labourer aged 23 from Ravensden.   He lived with his wife Jane (21) from Renhold, who was a lace maker.

16.  Amos Fensom was 31 and a farm labourer from Ravensden.  He lived with his wife aged 33 who was a lacemaker from Renhold.

There were around 34 children in this small part of Ravensden alone!  It was a very different population to those who live here now!




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